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Hello its me again

I know it’s been a long time since I last posted, but life has got in the way as usual, not only have I been on holiday but I’ve also been promoted!

I want this post to be about products that many of you may not be familiar with, which is why I have stepped up to the plate to deliver this ESSENTIAL information. Because once you go Forever, you never go back. I was kindly given some tester products from a Forever Ambassador, who also happens to be my lovely boss. These products included; a Marine Mask, Aloe Scrub, Aloe Moisturizer. In this post I’m going to review each one based on the week that I was given to test them.Aloe Scrubb.png

Aloe Scrub was the first product that I used as my face just needed a good old cleanse before anything! My skin is very sensitive so I often stay away from harsh scrubs that use plastic microbeads, as they just make my face look red and blotchy, which isn’t really my go to style. I was a bit apprehensive, but away I Aloe Scrub.pngwent. I was so pleasantly surprised when instead of making my face sore and sensitive, it felt unbelievably soft afterwards and my skin tone was fairly even, rather than being horribly red. This is because the scrub uses microspheres of jojoba which just roll over the skin to pick up the dead skin cells, meaning that it was gentle on my skin. If I had time in the mornings I would use it everyday!

I have previously used the cheap 99p face masks, from the wash off ones to the peel off one (which I  do NOT recommend), I have used them all! When I was given this product it was the one I was most excited to try, as I’m pretty much an expert. I was told that when you first put it on it will start to sting a little, which was so useful to know as typically if a face mask started to sting I would have washed it off very quickly. This shows just how important it is to speak to one of the fantastic representatives beforehand, because they know the ins and the outs of the products! After I had washed it off my skin, WOW was my only reaction, I mean so soft! The softness actually lasted for days with a little helping hand from some moisturiser. I would recommend this product to people with dry skin, and to use this product around two or three times a week. It costs around £18, which is an amazing price considering you only need a little bit, so will last months on end. Who puts a price on good skin anyway?

I have suffered from Eczema for as long as I can remember and different things tend to flare it up. So after I got back from my holiday in the sun, my skin was very dry and in places a little burnt. I have tried every product under the sun for my Eczema, yet nothing seems to do the trick. I started using Aloe Lotion before I got into bed and it instantly stopped the urge to itch, as well as reducing the redness. It works by creating a barrier on the skin which locks in moisture, which my skin was in desperate need of. I’m not saying my Eczema was suddenly cured, but I am saying that after using it regularly the moisture in my skin has significantly improved, which is a massive plus!Aloe lotion

Apart from these products that I was given to trial, I am also an avid user of the Forever Aloe Gel and the Aloe Propolis Crème. The Aloe Gel was honestly the first thing I reached for when I got home from holiday because my skin just needed a good moisturising, and this is my go to product! I literally smothered my body in it! Also when I was on holiday I took some small sachets of the Aloe Gel, which was instantly stolen by my family members who got sun burnt, as it is an excellent calming moisturiser, which can cool even the hottest of sun burn. I would also HIGHLY recommend the Aloe Gel as a makeup primer, as I often use it before my foundation to keep it firmly in place for the day, a much cheaper alternative as it does everything in one bottle.

The Aloe Propolis Crème is a product I use to help out the dry, Ezcema prone areas on my face. I also tend to now use it instead of a heavy foundation, because I found that my foundations were causing me to break out, so I decided not to use it for a while. Instead I have been using the Propolis Crème on my face to moisturise, as well as give me a beautifully even skin tone, and it has been working wonders.

So, as you can see I am very much a fan of the Forever Living Products. They produce a massive range of products from health and fitness to beauty regimes, so I suggest you get over to the link below right now, or even contact a local Forever Living representative as they are always eager and ready to introduce new people to their products. The passion they have makes the products that much better.

Be unique, be Forever Living.  

Spring Swim

Hello there!

It feels like ages since I’ve shared my posts with you all, but it has been a very hectic few weeks. I got a PROMOTION, so celebrations all round. Plus I’m going to Cyprus on Sunday, so holiday shopping has taken a priority. This leads me ever so nicely on to today’s blog post; Swimwear.

With Summer just around the corner, shops are filling up with holiday bits especially the good old fashioned bikinis. We all know that a holiday shop wouldn’t be complete without a new costume, I mean I get a new one every single year without fail.

For the past two years I have turned to ASOS for my new bikinis, and they have never let me down in relation to quality and fit. Me being bigger busted means that bikini shopping can be a right nightmare! Yet, ASOS has its own ‘Fuller Bust’ collection, which features each bikini top in bra size. This is super handy as you know that the tops are going to fit perfectly without even having to try them on. This is why online shopping for swimwear can often put people off, but having the tops in exact bra sizes means that you can shop from the comfort of your own home.

The exact bikini I broimage1-2ught was the ‘Blossom Floral Print Plunge Bikini’, which (as shown by the picture) is
white with a red/pink floral print. The sides and middle, between the cups, is cut out. This looks so pretty when it is on, but I am kind of dreading the tan lines already but hey thats the price of having a nice bikini. The top was an absolute steal at only £8.50, as it is in the sale, but ASOS seem to always have the correct size in stock even in the sale, so I was lucky there! I could have brought matching bottoms but I personally felt like that would be too much floral going on, so I brought just some plain white briefs as this compliments the top well, and will also help show a tan if I actually ever get one!

image1For those of you looking for a swimsuit rather than a bikini, ASOS also have a lovely array of different styles and colours. As ASOS has a multitude of different brands on their sites, this particular swimsuit is actually from Misguided, therefore could be found on their site too. I just love image2the convince of having everything on one site! This swimsuit is the ‘Missguided Ultimate Plunge Swimsuit’ in red. It is sexy, yet stylish. The drop arm feature of the swimsuit just adds a little something to it, making it that little more daring.

This swimsuit would be perfect for the beach, team it with the ‘River Island Embroidered Kimono’ in light pink, and you are looking at one killer holiday outfit.

Fingers crossed that the sunshine is out all summer. If in doubt go on holiday.

Happy Holidaying!

Jack Wills-Spring Collection

Hello once again,

As you all know I work at Jack Wills, so I am constantly surrounded by their new spring collection, so I thought I’d take this perfect opportunity to showcase my fa10001212002vourite pieces. I’ve chosen five items from the new collection, and this will be both mens and womens, because why not!

The first item I’m going to speak about is the Castley Embroidered top in white. This top does also come in navy, but the white shows the flower embroidery on the neck line so clearly and is perfect for the spring sunshine. It is a light weight blouse that can be worn out for dinner with a skirt or black jeans, as it is definitely classy enough for date night.
But it would also look amazing with a pair of worn jeans, fit for a day of shopping with the girls. It’s on trend with the embroidery, that has taken retail by storm this season!

My next favourite is a staple item for every girls wardrobe, and a go to piece for day to day wearing. A classic pair of Fernham Highwaisted Skinny Jeans in pale blue. They do also come in mid blue, indigo, dark indigo and black, but pale blue always comes out in spring. These jeans are by far the softest jeans I have ever purchased! They are also very forgiving, so you can go for a meal out in these jeans and not feel like you have to unbutton after that last bite of dessert. They allow for a bit of stretch, but do not lose their shape at all, even after being washed numerous times. Also their colour never fades, which is a problem we have all occurred. I know that Jack Wills jeans aren’t often what people go to when they need a decent pair of jeans, but this will be the best investment yet. Give them a try, you won’t regret it!

If you’re looking for the key piece for your spring wardrobe, then look no further than the Cratfield Wax J10001213402acket in olive. This coat is the most beautiful creation! The colour of this jacket is traditionally British countryside, fitting with the brand’s reputation, so perfect for those late afternoon walks. However, it can also be teamed up with a blouse to create a going out look. There is also the option of a navy version, but khaki is so in this season that I would personally lean towards the olive. It’s perfect for the typical rainy weather expected in spring as it is shower proof, yet is fairly light weight so when the weather finally warms up it will be a go to piece. It is definitely worth the £99 investment as it is a timeless product that will never go out of fashion, so will be loved year to year.

I have purposefully chosen three items that would go perfectly together to make a foolproof spring outfit!

Now time for mens. The all time favourite from the Jack Wills men collections has t10001187304o go to the Marlow Cable Crew Neck Jumper in khaki. It does also come in a variety of other colours, such as camel and navy, but the khaki looks so beautiful! It is a slim fitting jumper that adds a little something special to any mans wardrobe. This is because it can easily be t
urned into a formal piece by teaming it with a shirt or even a blazer if they are feeling adventurous. Jack Wills have also worked tirelessly to ensure that the jumper can now be machine washable, meaning that it saves you being worried about shrinking the jumper, which is never ideal. This jumper, I can honestly say, fits all body types due to the durability of the material, so is a perfect gift if you are struggling for gift ideas.

My finally chosen piece from the mens collection is the Wadsworth Oxford Plai10001195103n Shirt in Sky Blue. A mans wardrobe is not complete without a decent shirt! I specifically chosen this colour as it will add a bit of spring to an outfit, but isn’t too overpoweringly bright and colourful, as it’s not summer yet guys (definitely not if the weather is anything to go by). This shirt is also a little thicker than your typical shirt, so can be worn on its own and still keep them warm. The website describes this shirt as having a ‘streamlined fit’, which in basic terms means its slim fitting, so can easily be deemed office worthy, as well as being an ideal colour for going out, smart/casual.

These items are ABSOLUTELY not the only key pieces that Jack Wills have to offer this season, so I would definitely recommend getting onto their website or into store to see what else they have. I may be a tad biased…but Jack Wills has more to offer than people have previously presumed. It has flourished into a diverse brand, and is ready and raring to be YOUR go to brand.

Happy shopping

Jack Wills’ Career Day

Hello on this windy, windy day!

Yesterday I haimage1d the privilege to go to Jack Wills’ head office for an Entry Level/ Graduate Careers Day, and as I chose to not go to uni and instead pursue a career from the bottom up, this opportunity seemed like a perfect way to network. It’s all about getting your foot in the door!
The day started by hearing talks from every director within each different department within a retail head office. This included; Design, Buying, Merchandising, Garment Tech, Digital and last but not least Marketing. Because of my passion to be within marketing this speech was definitely  where I took the most notes! We got to hear what their job was like on a day to day basis, giving us a clear indication of what the role actually entails, as it can often become confusing when applying for jobs. They also gave us information on their personal background and how they found themselves with the role they have achieved. This was SO fascinating, as it gave me confidence to believe that you can succeed without having to go to uni.

Once each director had spoken we were then introduced to members of staff who had joined the company as Entry Level, which was so encouraging. It was also often mentioned that Jack Wills strive to employ within, which is an added bonus as I’m currently working with the company. It was put forward that product knowledge and previous experience was almost as important as a degree.

One lady who inspired me the most was the current Marketing Assistant; Lottie McDonagah, she had started off as being the receptionist within the head office. She then progressed by putting her name forward to help out with the current marketing manager on any occasion. This sheer determination led her to land the role of marketing assistant. That sort progression is something I dream of!

This post is no way aimed at stopping people from going to uni, but is image2
more of an encouragement to those of you that choose not to, as there are plenty of fantastic opportunities open to EVERYONE!
I would recommend these types of days to anyone and everyone, as it has opened my eyes to what my future career offers. It has also provided me with an opportunity to get my foot firmly in the door and network with a friendly, hard-working team!

One day my name will be on the “Meet the Team” board!

Watch this space!

Hairburst Review

So this is my first ever review of a product, so I thought I’d make it an exciting one to begin with.

Hairburst is probably well known by you all, as it is promoted by almost every reality TV star that exists on Instagram. This is what, sad to admit, but first attracted me to the product, as it is literally posted everywhere. But for you that don’t know Hairburst, it is a company that produces products that are intended to grow your hair faster and stronger. I mean whats not to love there!

The pessimist in me was convinced that these products cannot actually provide the advertised results.However, the reviews on the website are outstanding, with a whole page on their website dedicated to results from previous customers. This led me to last year purchasing some of the one monthly subscription tablets to take twice a day. But, (BIG BUT) they tasted absolutely disgusting, meaning it was a struggle to take them every day and led me to give up half way through, therefore I never saw a significant result.

HOWEVER, Hairburst have released a game changer-‘Hairburst Hearts’. This new product is small chewy sweets shaped like hearts, which are designed to do the same thing as the tablets, bhb_chewies_3_month_c2903b42-a7b1-4c25-9243-5c7f9178017f_grandeut taste a million times better…seriously delicious. In addition, to these new hearts, Hairburst has also released a new shampoo and conditioner designed to strengthen and grow your hair. This obviously left me with no option but to purchase all three items straight away, which isn’t a cheap expense but in the long run seems like a wise
investment. Shampoo-_-Conditioner_8758121b-0034-44d1-873c-ccee79476813_grande.png

I started to use the products together, as the website suggests that this is how to gain the best results, last week. On initial use of the shampoo and conditioner, it smells delicious; avocado and coconut, my hair was so soft and the ends weren’t as dry as they normally are after blow drying. I am unfortunately addicted to my straighteners, therefore my hair goes through a beating every day, so the ends are often in poor condition, so it was amazing to see that after one use my hair was instantly feeling and looking better. As for knowing whether my hair has grown it is difficult, near impossible, to know if it has in week. This means in a months time I will post a results review on the products with a before and after photo to see if I can also give these products a five star review, just like millions have before me.

Here’s to the next month Hairburst.


About me

I thought I’d be cliche and have my first ever post be about me.

So hi. My name is Sophie, I’m 18 years old and currently work as a sales assistant at Jack Wills. However, my aspirations lie in the industry of Fashion PR/Marketing, therefore my blog will be focussed heavily on promotions and reviews, at the same time making it look fabulous and eye catching; because thats basically what advertising is.

I am so intrigued by differing trends, mainly in fashion, but I will often dip my toe into the trends of beauty, but don’t expect any make up tutorials as this is not a skill of mine! I will often write reviews on new and exciting products that will hopefully spark your interest and entice you to read on, and hopefully buy the product, ensuring that the review is good that is.

So, here’s a little bit more information about me…I have a boyfriend of almost three years called Ben and we are literally inseparable. He’s my best friend and boyfriend all rolled into one, I won’t get too soppy, but I do love him to bits.

I have a puppy named Louie who is 10 months old and a bundle of energy. He’s a cross between a springer spaniel, jack russell and beagle, so there’s a whole lot of dog in him. The excited dance he does when I come through the door is the best thing about coming home.

I am a keen dancer who has been dancing since the age of three, which is the best past time in the world because I can just forget about everything and just DANCE.

I have been working in retail for over a year now, it has its ups and downs, but ultimately it gets me closer to fashion and I get a discount, so what’s not to love!

So, that is a brief introduction into me and what I am all about. Now lets begin our journey together into the exciting world of blogging.

Happy Reading! x

(Here’s a link to my Instagram; to get a real sense of who I am through photos: