About me

I thought I’d be cliche and have my first ever post be about me.

So hi. My name is Sophie, I’m 18 years old and currently work as a sales assistant at Jack Wills. However, my aspirations lie in the industry of Fashion PR/Marketing, therefore my blog will be focussed heavily on promotions and reviews, at the same time making it look fabulous and eye catching; because thats basically what advertising is.

I am so intrigued by differing trends, mainly in fashion, but I will often dip my toe into the trends of beauty, but don’t expect any make up tutorials as this is not a skill of mine! I will often write reviews on new and exciting products that will hopefully spark your interest and entice you to read on, and hopefully buy the product, ensuring that the review is good that is.

So, here’s a little bit more information about me…I have a boyfriend of almost three years called Ben and we are literally inseparable. He’s my best friend and boyfriend all rolled into one, I won’t get too soppy, but I do love him to bits.

I have a puppy named Louie who is 10 months old and a bundle of energy. He’s a cross between a springer spaniel, jack russell and beagle, so there’s a whole lot of dog in him. The excited dance he does when I come through the door is the best thing about coming home.

I am a keen dancer who has been dancing since the age of three, which is the best past time in the world because I can just forget about everything and just DANCE.

I have been working in retail for over a year now, it has its ups and downs, but ultimately it gets me closer to fashion and I get a discount, so what’s not to love!

So, that is a brief introduction into me and what I am all about. Now lets begin our journey together into the exciting world of blogging.

Happy Reading! x

(Here’s a link to my Instagram; to get a real sense of who I am through photos: 


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