Jack Wills’ Career Day

Hello on this windy, windy day!

Yesterday I haimage1d the privilege to go to Jack Wills’ head office for an Entry Level/ Graduate Careers Day, and as I chose to not go to uni and instead pursue a career from the bottom up, this opportunity seemed like a perfect way to network. It’s all about getting your foot in the door!
The day started by hearing talks from every director within each different department within a retail head office. This included; Design, Buying, Merchandising, Garment Tech, Digital and last but not least Marketing. Because of my passion to be within marketing this speech was definitely  where I took the most notes! We got to hear what their job was like on a day to day basis, giving us a clear indication of what the role actually entails, as it can often become confusing when applying for jobs. They also gave us information on their personal background and how they found themselves with the role they have achieved. This was SO fascinating, as it gave me confidence to believe that you can succeed without having to go to uni.

Once each director had spoken we were then introduced to members of staff who had joined the company as Entry Level, which was so encouraging. It was also often mentioned that Jack Wills strive to employ within, which is an added bonus as I’m currently working with the company. It was put forward that product knowledge and previous experience was almost as important as a degree.

One lady who inspired me the most was the current Marketing Assistant; Lottie McDonagah, she had started off as being the receptionist within the head office. She then progressed by putting her name forward to help out with the current marketing manager on any occasion. This sheer determination led her to land the role of marketing assistant. That sort progression is something I dream of!

This post is no way aimed at stopping people from going to uni, but is image2
more of an encouragement to those of you that choose not to, as there are plenty of fantastic opportunities open to EVERYONE!
I would recommend these types of days to anyone and everyone, as it has opened my eyes to what my future career offers. It has also provided me with an opportunity to get my foot firmly in the door and network with a friendly, hard-working team!

One day my name will be on the “Meet the Team” board!

Watch this space!


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