Jack Wills-Spring Collection

Hello once again,

As you all know I work at Jack Wills, so I am constantly surrounded by their new spring collection, so I thought I’d take this perfect opportunity to showcase my fa10001212002vourite pieces. I’ve chosen five items from the new collection, and this will be both mens and womens, because why not!

The first item I’m going to speak about is the Castley Embroidered top in white. This top does also come in navy, but the white shows the flower embroidery on the neck line so clearly and is perfect for the spring sunshine. It is a light weight blouse that can be worn out for dinner with a skirt or black jeans, as it is definitely classy enough for date night.
But it would also look amazing with a pair of worn jeans, fit for a day of shopping with the girls. It’s on trend with the embroidery, that has taken retail by storm this season!

My next favourite is a staple item for every girls wardrobe, and a go to piece for day to day wearing. A classic pair of Fernham Highwaisted Skinny Jeans in pale blue. They do also come in mid blue, indigo, dark indigo and black, but pale blue always comes out in spring. These jeans are by far the softest jeans I have ever purchased! They are also very forgiving, so you can go for a meal out in these jeans and not feel like you have to unbutton after that last bite of dessert. They allow for a bit of stretch, but do not lose their shape at all, even after being washed numerous times. Also their colour never fades, which is a problem we have all occurred. I know that Jack Wills jeans aren’t often what people go to when they need a decent pair of jeans, but this will be the best investment yet. Give them a try, you won’t regret it!

If you’re looking for the key piece for your spring wardrobe, then look no further than the Cratfield Wax J10001213402acket in olive. This coat is the most beautiful creation! The colour of this jacket is traditionally British countryside, fitting with the brand’s reputation, so perfect for those late afternoon walks. However, it can also be teamed up with a blouse to create a going out look. There is also the option of a navy version, but khaki is so in this season that I would personally lean towards the olive. It’s perfect for the typical rainy weather expected in spring as it is shower proof, yet is fairly light weight so when the weather finally warms up it will be a go to piece. It is definitely worth the £99 investment as it is a timeless product that will never go out of fashion, so will be loved year to year.

I have purposefully chosen three items that would go perfectly together to make a foolproof spring outfit!

Now time for mens. The all time favourite from the Jack Wills men collections has t10001187304o go to the Marlow Cable Crew Neck Jumper in khaki. It does also come in a variety of other colours, such as camel and navy, but the khaki looks so beautiful! It is a slim fitting jumper that adds a little something special to any mans wardrobe. This is because it can easily be t
urned into a formal piece by teaming it with a shirt or even a blazer if they are feeling adventurous. Jack Wills have also worked tirelessly to ensure that the jumper can now be machine washable, meaning that it saves you being worried about shrinking the jumper, which is never ideal. This jumper, I can honestly say, fits all body types due to the durability of the material, so is a perfect gift if you are struggling for gift ideas.

My finally chosen piece from the mens collection is the Wadsworth Oxford Plai10001195103n Shirt in Sky Blue. A mans wardrobe is not complete without a decent shirt! I specifically chosen this colour as it will add a bit of spring to an outfit, but isn’t too overpoweringly bright and colourful, as it’s not summer yet guys (definitely not if the weather is anything to go by). This shirt is also a little thicker than your typical shirt, so can be worn on its own and still keep them warm. The website describes this shirt as having a ‘streamlined fit’, which in basic terms means its slim fitting, so can easily be deemed office worthy, as well as being an ideal colour for going out, smart/casual.

These items are ABSOLUTELY not the only key pieces that Jack Wills have to offer this season, so I would definitely recommend getting onto their website or into store to see what else they have. I may be a tad biased…but Jack Wills has more to offer than people have previously presumed. It has flourished into a diverse brand, and is ready and raring to be YOUR go to brand.

Happy shopping


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