Spring Swim

Hello there!

It feels like ages since I’ve shared my posts with you all, but it has been a very hectic few weeks. I got a PROMOTION, so celebrations all round. Plus I’m going to Cyprus on Sunday, so holiday shopping has taken a priority. This leads me ever so nicely on to today’s blog post; Swimwear.

With Summer just around the corner, shops are filling up with holiday bits especially the good old fashioned bikinis. We all know that a holiday shop wouldn’t be complete without a new costume, I mean I get a new one every single year without fail.

For the past two years I have turned to ASOS for my new bikinis, and they have never let me down in relation to quality and fit. Me being bigger busted means that bikini shopping can be a right nightmare! Yet, ASOS has its own ‘Fuller Bust’ collection, which features each bikini top in bra size. This is super handy as you know that the tops are going to fit perfectly without even having to try them on. This is why online shopping for swimwear can often put people off, but having the tops in exact bra sizes means that you can shop from the comfort of your own home.

The exact bikini I broimage1-2ught was the ‘Blossom Floral Print Plunge Bikini’, which (as shown by the picture) is
white with a red/pink floral print. The sides and middle, between the cups, is cut out. This looks so pretty when it is on, but I am kind of dreading the tan lines already but hey thats the price of having a nice bikini. The top was an absolute steal at only £8.50, as it is in the sale, but ASOS seem to always have the correct size in stock even in the sale, so I was lucky there! I could have brought matching bottoms but I personally felt like that would be too much floral going on, so I brought just some plain white briefs as this compliments the top well, and will also help show a tan if I actually ever get one!

image1For those of you looking for a swimsuit rather than a bikini, ASOS also have a lovely array of different styles and colours. As ASOS has a multitude of different brands on their sites, this particular swimsuit is actually from Misguided, therefore could be found on their site too. I just love image2the convince of having everything on one site! This swimsuit is the ‘Missguided Ultimate Plunge Swimsuit’ in red. It is sexy, yet stylish. The drop arm feature of the swimsuit just adds a little something to it, making it that little more daring.

This swimsuit would be perfect for the beach, team it with the ‘River Island Embroidered Kimono’ in light pink, and you are looking at one killer holiday outfit.

Fingers crossed that the sunshine is out all summer. If in doubt go on holiday.

Happy Holidaying!

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